Valonia of Yew

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Valonia of Yew

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Auburn hair, light blue eyes, average height. Usually wears a druid-styled coat-cloak with the golden scales sewn on the lapel. Carries an oak staff.

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Valonia was originally from a small farming hamlet, where land was plentiful though risky due to being outside guard patrol areas. That risk made itself known one day when bandits raided the community. The farmers could do little to defend themselves. It was a bitter lesson.

A paladin who heard of their tribulations took compassion on the farmers. He taught them to defend themselves with the weapons at their disposal: staves, bows, and even the occasional family sword. His lessons, though not anywhere as comprehensive as one would get in the major cities, aided the farmers in their plight. And when the bandits returned, assuming an easy mark, they were soundly routed.

For some of the hamlet, it was relief. For Valonia, it ended up being life-changing. She began to see the benefit in taking action, began to feel that it was her right to take action, to do what others could not.

At first, she used the lesson she learned to defend her village. Then, she reached out to other villages. But the growing problem was that she didn’t want simply to aid them… she wanted an excuse to fight. And when one goes looking for a fight, it can usually be found.

Eventually, Valonia found herself disdaining the people she had originally wanted to protect, and feeling that violence was the only worthwhile response to attacks. She found herself sneering at the plight of the weak, thinking they should have defended themselves better. That perhaps the violence they suffered was something they should learn from. Such beliefs led her to be on the other end of raids, turning against the lessons she’d learned in her youth.

However, such things require a response, and so soldiers and druids were sent. And regardless of what she’d learned through training and experience, there were always people more skilled. Perhaps it was luck, or perhaps it was Compassion, but Valonia found herself imprisoned in Yew rather than dead by the side of a road. With little to do but think, she found herself reflecting on the path that brought her to this point. The ideas of balance and fairness also weighed heavily in her mind.

After some time, she was released and found herself looking for a direction. And though it was a longshot, she decided to ask if she could dedicate her life to Justice, to make up for what she had done in her youth. Her request was accepted, and though she was watched carefully to ensure she did not revert to beliefs she once held, she has proven to have genuinely changed.

She is older than the average for a journeyman druid, but her experiences have given her a certain... perspective that has proven useful in the application of laws. However, her past experiences have also led her to shy away from carrying any sort of sword, not trusting herself to use it justly.
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