A letter regarding an Adventurer's Guild is sent to Sir Dupre, Mayor of Trinsic

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A letter regarding an Adventurer's Guild is sent to Sir Dupre, Mayor of Trinsic

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Valonia wasn’t sure yet what to do with the numbers she had gathered over several days. It had been, admittedly, mind-numbing work to observe and count and record. But this was necessary, she believed. And she hoped that she could glean some sort of insight over the movements of people, and perhaps find some way of tracking where these bandits and evil magi were coming from. She would have to pore over it once she returned to Britain.

But in the meantime, she’d thought of something else in her long period of observation. Thus, another letter is sent to Sir Dupre of Trinsic:
Sir Dupre,

Would you consider, perhaps, the creation of an Adventurer’s Guild? I propose simply the establishment of a chartered organization that would provide a centralized place to dispense quests to those seeking to solve the problems plaguing Britannia. Rather than just a mercenary guild, it would it give the people of Britannia the ability to gain renown on their own merits, aid the Order of the Silver Serpent so they do not need to divert their numbers, and instill the Virtue of Honor with which you are so familiar with.

As a token example, issues such as beasts on the road and bandits could be handled by these trained individuals. I have included a list of merchants in Britain that may be interested in having their caravans escorted. While coin may not be the goal, being in contact with businesses may provide for the upkeep of any potential trainees.

[an enclosed list follows]

From these trainees, perhaps the numbers of the paladins of Trinsic could too be replenished. Or perhaps they may be found worthy to eventually join the Order of the Silver Serpent themselves. Either way, it may serve as a starting place and haven for those who seek belonging.

While I cannot myself join the organization I propose (coin or influence on/by others would have an effect on my objectivity), your renown and unquestionable honor would have a positive influence if you served as the head or advisor to such a group. I believe it would have clear benefits to Britannia as a whole.

Journeyman Druid
The reasons she gave for not wanting to create or join such an organization herself were honest and true. While she wasn’t certain that she was truly objective at the present, she was certainly trying to view the world without personal bias. Being influenced by business decisions tended to preclude that, as did seeking any sort of renown or glory. However, most of her hesitation actually stemmed from the fact that she did not feel she was honorable enough to lead such a group. In Sir Dupre, there would be a leader worthy of the cause, and perhaps his influence might bring others to that cause as well.
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