Magic & Enchanted Items - A small guide

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Magic & Enchanted Items - A small guide

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  • Damage - Ruin (+1), Might (+3), Force (+5), Power (+7), Vanquishing (+9)
  • Tactics skill bonus - Accurate (+5), Surpassingly (+10), Eminently (+15), Exceedingly (+20), Supremely (+25)
  • Slayer - Silver (Double damage to Undead)
  • Exceptional - +20% stacked with skill modifiers, see below
  • No damage bonus is applied from non-standard crafting material (ie, coloured ore for metal weapons). But we get the new colour!
  • AR - Defense, Guarding, Hardening, Fortification, Invulnerability
  • Exceptional crafting and non-standard crafting materials (ie, coloured ores, coloured leather) will increase AR.
  • No AR bonus values are listed because the math used is... not as straight-forward as one would expect. Sucks, but there it is. See below for some code if you're curious.
  • Durability - Durable (+20), Exceptional (+20), Substantial (+50), Massive (+70), Fortified (+100), Indestructable (+120)
  • There is no way to see actual durability numbers in-game, but the Arms Lore skill is useful (even at 20 to 30 skill points in it) for seeing how damaged your equipment is. Damaged armour has lower AR. Damaged weapons have lower damage output. Keep your equipment in good working order!

This stuff is available elsewhere, but it can be tough to track down in a hurry when you need it. Especially for those who haven't played UO before and are seduced by all the more-modern, very-wrong-for-this-server information that's available pretty much everywhere. It can be tough to know what applies to us and what doesn't, if you don't already have a rough idea of what's what.

So there you have it, a quick thumbnail guide to the magic item enchantments, with a sprinkling of more-accurate-info gleaned from the script files that run the server. If Houston corrects me on any script changes he's made, I'll update the post with the changes.

I've included Exceptional in the lists, because knowing how a well-crafted player-made item compares to magic ones is handy.

A few notes on actual numbers:
The Exceptional damage bonus on weapons is listed in a lot of other places as being +4, slotted between Might and Force. However, a reading of the script files shows that it's not applied during the magic/enchantment phase of the math (which applies directly as base damage), but rather at the end of the skill modifiers (Tactics, Anatomy, etc) phase, and is added to their percentage bonus.

And on that note, a goodly portion of the damage calculations listed here are flat-out incorrect for us. This is how it works here on UO:L, straight from the script files:
  • Damage is the Base damage of weapon, plus the enchantment bonus as listed above.
  • Tactics will reduce your Damage by 50% at 0.0 skill, and boost it by 50% at 100.0. (Grandmaster in Tactics with a Supremely Accurate weapon would yield 125.0 tactics and therefore a 75% damage bonus!)
  • Strength adds a 1% bonus for every 5 str, with no extra bonus if it's over 100.
  • Anatomy adds a 1% bonus for every 5.0 skill, with an extra 10% if it's >= 100.0
  • Lumberjacking (applies to 2H axes only) adds a 1% bonus for every 5.0 skill, with an extra 10% if it's >= 100.0
  • An Exceptionally crafted weapon will add 20%.
  • There does not appear to be a hard cap on the percentage modifiers. 'woo'?
  • Chance to hit is governed solely by a comparison of your weapon skill vs your targets weapon skill, weighted 2-to-1 in their favour. Tactics plays no part in it, despite the lying enchantment names.

The crapshoot that is AR calculations:
The Armour Rating we see in-game is the result of a lot of hidden math. In the script files, AR is treated thusly:

Code: Select all

Line 01: int ar = BaseArmorRating;
Line 02: 
Line 03: if ( m_Protection != ArmorProtectionLevel.Regular )
Line 04:     ar += 10 + (5 * (int)m_Protection);
Line 05: 
Line 06: switch ( m_Resource )
Line 07: {
Line 08:     case CraftResource.DullCopper:      ar += 2; break;
Line 09:     case CraftResource.ShadowIron:      ar += 4; break;
Line 10:     case CraftResource.Copper:          ar += 6; break;
Line 11:     case CraftResource.Bronze:          ar += 8; break;
Line 12:     case CraftResource.Gold:            ar += 10; break;
Line 13:     case CraftResource.Agapite:         ar += 12; break;
Line 14:     case CraftResource.Verite:          ar += 14; break;
Line 15:     case CraftResource.Valorite:        ar += 16; break;
Line 16:     case CraftResource.SpinedLeather:   ar += 10; break;
Line 17:     case CraftResource.HornedLeather:   ar += 13; break;
Line 18:     case CraftResource.BarbedLeather:   ar += 16; break;
Line 19: }
Line 20: 
Line 21: ar += -8 + (8 * (int)m_Quality);
Line 22: return ScaleArmorByDurability( ar );
To break that down, the base AR of the armour is increased by the enchantment (Lines 3-4), then further increased by the crafting material (switch block at line 6), then increased again by the crafting quality (line 21). The number we get at the end of this process is then further modified by which body position the armour occupies (head, neck, arms, chest, legs, hands), and at that point I lost interest and stopped looking in to it.

tl;dr - Put the armour on and see what the AR is.
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Re: Magic & Enchanted Items - A small guide

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Added as a sticky thread. Great guide :)
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